Welcome To Atlas

Once, there were 13 reactors that provided eternal life for all of mankind. Now, there is only 1 – the Atlas Reactor – and the last great powers of humanity, the Trusts, vie for its control. While immortality for all is no more, the Trusts still allow a select few the privilege of resurrection.

These few Freelancers, the most elite citizens of Atlas, fight for and against the Trusts to keep the Reactor bright. It is their shifting loyalties that will determine the fate of Atlas. What side will you choose?

Meet the Trusts

Freelancers! Your (eternal) life, liberty, and pursuit of loot is made possible by these generous benefactors. The Trusts of Atlas each control 1/3rd of the city, in addition to sharing control over the Reactor and its resources. Appease the Trusts (or upend them), and who knows what rewards you may reap?

Evolution Solutions

All your genetic dreams come true at EvoS, Atlas’ premiere bio-hybridization Trust. Founded in the former bioengineering center of the world, Oceanus, EvoS brings a legacy of zoological diversity and genetic superiority to Atlas unmatched by any civilization in history.

The pioneers of Evolution Solutions dream of a world unbound by the laws of nature. A strong species is the kind that can adapt to any situation imaginable, and with Evolution Solutions at your side, anything imaginable is only one experiment away.

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OMNI trust

Advancing upon a legacy forged over two centuries ago in the heart of Atlas, Omni Trust has taken time-tested nanite technology and digitalized it for the modern world.

The most advanced AI in the world built the last bastion of civilization, and it will take even more advanced AI to improve upon it. Reclaim the excellence of the Immortal Age. Seek eternity not just for humankind, but for all-kind. Become an Omni Freelancer today.

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Don’t live in fear. Live in GEAR! Warbotics-made warbots and war suits make your life WAR-ry free. Reactor-forged in the radamantium stronghold once called Hyperion, Warbotics is battle-tested and built to last.

Put on a Warbotics warsuit, and even the apocalypse is a breeze. The world is a dangerous place, but even up against the debris storms and constant threat of death both outside and inside Atlas, Warbotics is on your side.

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