Atlas Reactor

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Enhance your Atlas Reactor experience! Purchase any Atlas Reactor Pack to unlock every Freelancer, forever. Skip the wait and get instant access to our ever-growing collection of heroes instead. Plus, pick up an upgraded pack, and you'll also get a wide variety of collectible skins, emojis, and more.

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All Freelancers Pack

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  • All Freelancers, Forever

All Freelancers Pro Pack

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Includes every item in the All Freelancers Pack plus:

  • Emojis (x5)
  • Banner Pack (x3)
  • Freelancer Skins:
    • Zuki Moonwalker Skins (x3)
    • Rask Warforged Skins (x3)
    • Aurora Voltaic Skins (x3)
    • PuP Prototype Skins (x3)
    • Grey Untamed Skins (x3)
    • Garrison Prototype Skins (x3)
    • Helio Moonwalker Skins (x3)
    • Lockwood Unforgiven Skins (x3)

Ultimate Reactor Pack

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Includes every item in the All Freelancers Pro Pack plus:

  • Exclusive “Golden Age” Skins for all Freelancers, Forever
  • Bonus “All Freelancers Pack” Code for a friend
  • GG Boosts (x60)
  • Freelancer Skins:
    • Nix Loot Suit Skins (x3)
    • Gremolitions Inc. Great War Skins (x3)
    • Titus Untamed Skins (x3)
    • Rampart Centurion Skins (x3)
    • Quark Unobtanium Skins (x3)
    • Asana Hardlight Skins (x3)
    • Oz Jimmy Six Skins (x3)
    • Elle Apocalypse Skins (x3)
  • Trion Worlds’ in-game Loot