Season 1 - The Trust War

The misdeeds of Atlas’ ruling Trusts are exposed amidst concerns that the Reactor may be failing. Long-boiling tensions between the powers result in a 3-way war that tears the city (and its Freelancers' loyalties) apart. When the dust finally settles, one trust is destroyed, and a new power sets its sights on Atlas.

Chapter 1 – Freelancers Wanted!

Omni reveals their new Reactor core, which is revealed to do more than the Trust claims.

Chapter 2 – The Holo Haunt

Glitches in the Reactor cause holographic apparitions to haunt the city.

Chapter 3 – Trust In Us

Propaganda dominates the news waves as Trust misdeeds are made public.

Chapter 4 – Into The Reactor

An explosion in an Omni sector of the Reactor leaves Atlas citizens in shock.

Chapter 5 – Snowmageddon

The Reactor explosion leaves Atlas in a nuclear winter wonderland.