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Simultaneous Turns

Atlas Reactor is a PvP battle arena that fuses simultaneous turns with tactical team combat.

Seconds to Decide

Players lock in actions during “Decision Mode” and watch the results play out in “Resolution Mode.”

Abilities and Phases

Players can perform one ability (prep, dash, or blast), and one movement each turn. These actions take place within their respective phases.

1. Prep Phase

Traps, buffs, and shields.

2. Dash Phase

Dodges and charges.

3. Blast Phase

Normal attacks and knockback attacks.

4. Move Phase

Repositioning and following. Players can sprint twice as far in turns where they don’t perform an ability.


Freelancing attracts all kinds. Renegade arms dealers. Plasma-fueled hybrid beasts. Boy genius inventors. Their diverse skillsets run the gamut and can come together in unexpected ways.


Powerful damage dealers who work best when staying out of harm's way.


Armored warriors who can defend allies and absorb damage.


Specialists who can heal or prevent damage to keep their allies fighting strong.

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  • Maps

    Atlas is a cloud-piercing megacity with lots of environments to explore. Get to know your way around the map.

  • Flyway Freighter

    Fight on a roving cargo ship! Prepare for skirmishes in open areas with wide patches of camouflage.

  • Cloudspire

    Battle in an intimate skygarden where limited camouflage and narrow passages make for action-packed encounters.

  • Evolution Solutions Labs

    Enter an EvoS laboratory where plenty of walls and cover set the scene for tense ambushes.

  • Omni Reactor Core

    Face off in Omni’s Reactor Core, where lots of low cover and wide open spaces mean you’re never far from a fight.

  • Hyperforge

    Wage war in a hi-tech armory where the open battleground and generous camouflage make for tense, wide-ranging skirmishes.


After reaching Level 5, participate in Seasons to earn exclusive rewards and continue your progression through the world of Atlas Reactor!


season story

Watch the story of Atlas unfold over time, bringing new challenges and contracts. Complete your chapter contracts to earn rewards and unlock the next chapter of content.

Read the latest story.

Season Items

season rewards

Earn Loot Matrices that grant custom VFX, new chat emojis, and season-specific banners, emblems, and styles.

Each season's rewards are archived after the season is over, and will only be available again on rare occasions. Get the rewards you want while you can!

Season Loot

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