Su-Ren The Robo-Roshi

Su-RenThe Robo-Roshi

A highly trained martial artist with a special gift for healing.

role: support

affiliation: Omni Trust


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Dojo
  • Nidus
  • Holiday Cheer


Martial Master

Strike targets down a line for moderate direct damage or in a circle for lesser direct damage.


Heal yourself and allies in an area.

Shifting Winds

Dash to an enemy to deal direct damage, or dash to an ally to heal. Can be used two turns in a row, but must target an enemy if an ally was targeted first and vice versa.

Spirit Bend

Grant Might to target ally or Weak to target enemy for 2 turns. If that target attacks, anyone hit by the attack gains the opposite status effect.

Karmic Justice

Grant a target a massive shield until end of the turn. On the next turn, a Chi Explosion originates from the target that deals more damage if the target was attacked the last turn.


skills:Cultivating talent. Knocking sense into her disciples.

known for:Training some of the finest warriors in Atlas.

Age:Old, in human terms, but brand new, with tech and A.I.-updates.

As a direct descendant of GAIA (though several generations removed from GAIA's original A.I.), Su-Ren understands more than anyone the acute loss the world suffered when GAIA left. In the centuries since the Desertion, Su-Ren has dedicated herself to making the world once again worthy of GAIA, atoning for the ingratitude and carelessness that drove her away.

Most recently, she was known to be the guardian of Omni's "Project Nidus," raising and training an elite contingent of warriors, including Asana, in the Waste just beyond the megacity limits.


  • Asana: It is believed that Su-Ren trained and raised Asana since birth. So... 50% "friends" and 50% “arch rival” may be most accurate.
  • Tol-Ren: Spotted sharing the same charge station at Omni.


  • Kaigin: "He knows why."