Rampart The Wall

RampartThe Wall

Heavy duty warbot with a massive, unbreachable shield.

role: frontline

affiliation: Hyperbotics


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Exoframe
  • Centurion
  • Corrugated
  • Apocalypse


Radamantium Flurry

Stab in a line dealing full damage to the primary target, then spin to deal lesser damage to adjacent enemies.


Place your shield during the Prep Phase, blocking attacks. Then, bash enemies during the Blast Phase, damaging and slowing them.

Fusion Lance

Impale an enemy, dealing damage and pulling the target to you.

Unstoppable Force

Gain unstoppable and haste for the turn.

Aegis Protocol

Dash to target location and place your shield, blocking attacks. Trampled enemies take damage and are slowed. Ignores cover.


skills:Intimidation. Indomitable optimism.

known for:Being Warbotics’ oldest active-duty product.

Childhood Dream:To become a rocket.

Rampart was never supposed to be built. With the AI Sentience Ban still in place after GAIA's desertion, his conception was a rebel effort in the midst of civil unrest and desperation. Though Warbotics kept his AI primitive to prevent him from uprising like GAIA, he still exhibits a surprising intellect and empathy toward both humans and his fellow bots. The full extent of his sentience is unknown.

He is programmed to shield allies from harm, no matter the cost. His indestructible shield can deflect any amount of damage (as long as his allies remember to stand behind it).

Friends A

  • Garrison: Longtime war buddies.
  • PuP: Fought alongside PuP in the war. Collects PuP-toys with his employee discount.
  • Oz: Seen taking turns giving piggyback rides to each other across Flyway Freighter.
  • Brynn: An old friend of Brynn’s family.


  • Meridian: Rampart was accused of leaving loose screws on Meridian’s desk, which is (apparently!?) incredibly offensive.