Phaedra The Abomination

PhaedraThe Abomination

Aggressive, terrain-manipulating hybrid beast powered by an experimental plasma.

role: frontline

affiliation: Evolution Solutions


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Abomination
  • Overgrowth
  • Warforged


Seismic Slam

Claw at nearby enemies and create a short-range shockwave that ignores cover.

Putrid Spray

Spray a swarm of bugs that slow targets in range. Bugged targets who are hit on the next turn will take additional damage.

Mending Swarm

All of the damage taken on the turn this ability is used will be recovered over the next 2 turns.


Charge forward and create a tremor that damage and slows targets hit. Can dash through walls.


Slam the ground to generate an earthquake around you. Where the earthquake ends, you will create a barrier that prevents enemy movement outside the radius until the end of the next turn.


skills:Terrain manipulation. Terrifying foes… and friends.

known for:Turning the Depths into a labyrinth of terror.

favorite food:She’ll tell you after she’s eaten you.

Evolution Solutions doesn’t believe in waste. When an experiment goes wrong, they pour old resources into something new. After all, who knows what creature might benefit from an extra set of chitinous legs or toxic fangs?

Thus, Phaedra came into existence. The powerful creature is capable of smashing the ground with such force, she disrupts the terrain around her. The emergence of constantly evolving lairs and labyrinths throughout the Depths suggests that Phaedra has escaped from EvoS repeatedly over the course of her lifetime – most recently during a chaotic break-in at the Trust (1).

Some terrified citizens claim that Phaedra is the notorious “terror of the Depths,” thought to feast upon the colonies of Gremunks that EvoS has discarded, though others dismiss those tales as myth. However, one only need point to the infamous Grey family massacre to know that some myths do have claws.


  • Rask: Rask’s plasma was a forefather of Phaedra’s. There may be a familial bond… or not?


  • Grey: Phaedra has been witnessed staring at Grey and salivating.