Oz The Trickster

OzThe Trickster

Rebellious Toy-bot who uses afterimages to trick and damage enemies.

role: firepower

affiliation: Hyperbotics


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Pop Top
  • Jimmy Six
  • Mangaman


Phaser Laser

You and your afterimage(s) fire lasers, dealing damage.

Photon Spray

Fire photonic energy from yourself and your afterimages that deals damage. Overlapping spray on targets gives bonus damage.

Zap Trap

Create a 2-turn damage field around yourself and your afterimages. Targets hit by multiple fields take additional damage.

Made You Look

Switch locations with an afterimage. Abilities can be used as normal.

Catch Me If You Can

Dash to a target location. Then, select target locations for two afterimages. Deal damage to enemies along each path. Enemies hit by overlapping paths take additional damage. Gain unstoppable for the turn.


skills:Light painting and laser shows.

known for:Surviving the “Jimmy 6 and his Magic Tricks” toy recall.

Hobbies:Guerilla artwork, AI activism.

Jimmy 6 and His Magic Tricks was slated to be Toybotics' next best selling toy. An AI malfunction made it one of their biggest failures instead. Customers were displeased with the toy's surprise magic trick of free will and weaponized lasers. Only one toy escaped the subsequent recall: Oz. Sources within Toybotics say that his recall chip was damaged during reclamation which allowed him to escape the recycler.

Oz's demonstrations of free will sparked outrage among AI-rights groups (1) who demanded that Oz be spared from the recall. Toybotics’ parent company, Warbotics, then sponsored Oz as an official Freelancer and enhanced his magic tricks with matter-dissolving lasers. No matter his origins, Oz isn't toying around anymore.

Friends L

  • Rampart: Frequently adds new graffiti to Rampart's shield.
  • PuP: Share a fondness for knock knock jokes.