Orion The Empyrean

OrionThe Empyrean

Atom manipulator with a suit specialized to control his power.

role: support

affiliation: Omni Trust


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Cosmos
  • Colossus
  • God of Love
  • Mastermind


Empyreal Ruin

Blast enemies with empyrean energy. Ignores cover.

Fate Transfer

Grant yourself a shield and redirect damage from a targeted ally to yourself, converting all the damage into energy.

Quantum Core

Target an ally as a focal point of pure energy. If they are hit with a damaging ability, an explosion erupts.

Astral Fusion

Heal yourself or ally over two turns. If an ally is chosen, you also get the health from the first turn.

Cosmic Flare

Consume shards to gain health and deal damage to a large area. Passive: Gain shards based on energy held. Half of damage received is converted into energy. A percentage of energy will be lost upon death.


skills:Cellular conflagration. Self-flagellation.

known for:Taking one (or 10) for the team. Without permission.

Hobby:Researching cosmological events, and creating them.

After witnessing the rematerialization of Aurora in the Reactor, Dr. Orion Strand saw a new future for the Warbotics Experimental Augmentation Division. He theorized that reinforcing the subject’s physical form could allow for even greater energy absorption. Acquiring a black market sample of the regenerative plasma from Project Rask (for a small fee), Orion created a cybernetic suit that would allow a user to withstand the Reactor’s energies. Seeing no reason to give that power to anyone else, Orion strapped on the suit and flipped the switch.

Few would call the resulting implosion a success, and certainly Warbotics isn’t pleased with the equipment and personnel of an entire division being absorbed in the creation of a megalomaniacal demigod. But on the other hand, at least he’s their megalomaniacal demigod.

Now calling himself "The Empyrean," Orion’s existence as a Freelancer provides him with a means to absorb enough energy to survive. But many believe that he has his sights set on the Reactor’s energy in the hopes that absorbing all of it will stabilize his form. Ideally, before it kills him.


  • Aurora: An Aurora poster was found in his Warbotics locker.


  • Quark: Overheard mumbling something about absorbing Quark's energy.