Nix The Liberator

NixThe Liberator

Sniper with a deadeye and a custom-made Stealth Suit.

role: firepower

affiliation: Evolution Solutions


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Protoweave
  • Loot Suit
  • Apocalypse
  • Hammerknell
  • Frostover



Snipe an enemy, dealing damage.

Stalker Suit

Grants invisibility until the end of next turn. Using an ability or getting hit reveals you temporarily.

Overwatch Drone

Place a drone that watches a direction. The first enemy to cross the line takes damage. The drone lasts 2 turns.

Vortex Round

Fire an exploding round that deals full damage to the main target and lesser damage to the surrounding enemies. The main target is slowed for the turn.

Fusion Pulse

Unleash an experimental round that deals damage to all enemies in its path. Shoots through walls and ignores cover.


skills:Sniping and stealth.

known for:Not being seen or heard. He may not exist at all.

Pet Peeves:Tall people. Tall robots. Tall things.

Wherever Evolution Solutions' lead sniper goes, silence follows. Not much is known about the sniper's origins at EvoS (and even less is known now that he's been made head of their security). Legend has it that the only way to find his offices is to follow the chill down your spine. While no regular EvoS employees have ever seen Nix in person, sources from within the Trust are still fairly certain that he does, in fact, exist.

With his specialized stealth suit and sniper rifle, Nix liberates his targets from the burden of life just before vanishing without a trace. Keep an eye on him if you can, or it might be the last mistake you ever make.


  • Grey: Ongoing competition as to who can kill the most monsters (and each other) first.