NEV:3 The Kitten Kaboomer

NEV:3The Kitten Kaboomer

Catarang-tossing acrocat with a flexible range and a bubbly purrsonality.

role: firepower

affiliation: Evolution Solutions


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Superstar
  • Catatronic



Throw out a deadly energy disc, dealing direct damage to enemies. The disc returns to you next turn, dealing indirect damage to enemies. The returning disc passes through walls and ignores cover.


Empower a returning catarang, increasing its damage, its size by 66%, and causing it to slow enemies it passes through.

Mouse Trap

Throw a seeking catarang that reveals the first target hit. During the next Decision Mode, the seeker disc will lock on to the target's current space, and will travel there during the Blast Phase, dealing direct damage to all enemies in the way. Ignores cover.


Throw a catarang and dash to a location. Can move after dashing.


Throw out 3 catarangs. Damage from multiple catarangs does not stack.


skills:Shooting hoops. Ultimate frisky.

known for:Meowtstanding aim and catlike reflexes.

favorite animal:“A billion-way tie between dinosharks, catbirds, doggophers...”

New Evolutionary Variant no. 3, known publicly as NEV:3, was once Kara St. James, a lab technician in EvoS’ Hybrid Evolution Research Department (HERD). It is said that Kara was personally recruited by Dr. Finn due to her “a-finn-ity” for animals (and, as rumored by employees of EvoS, her preternaturally high tolerance for the doctor himself).

NEV:3 engineered her own cross-species transformation, greatly enhancing her physical abilities. With her unmatched dexterity and custom-made Catarangs, few can defend against her “catastrophic cattacks.”


  • Dr. Finn: They speak each other's language.


  • PuP: (But it’s just for show).