Meridian The Herald of Hyperion

MeridianThe Herald of Hyperion

Hammer-wielding automaton built to heal and shield his allies.

role: support

affiliation: Hyperbotics


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Primus
  • Necrolancer
  • Reaper



Smash the ground in front of you, dealing direct damage.


Heal target ally and yourself for a variable amount, based on the amount of health missing. Enemies around the target ally are made weak. You can target yourself if no ally is in range, but you will not receive twice the healing.


Slam enemies dealing direct damage. All enemies hit are slowed until end of turn.

Solar Strike

Call down your hammer on target location, dealing high damage and revealing targets in the central ring, and dealing lower damage to targets in the outer ring.


Summon a fusion orb that shields you and your allies each turn. While active, you are unstoppable. Lasts until deactivated or until the energy cost cannot be paid. Goes on cooldown for 3 turns when disabled.


skills:Killing you with kindness (and also a giant hammer).

known for:Keeping the Hyperion Stronghold safe for over a century.

deepest fears:Failing to restore Hyperion. Being melted by his own hammer. Bugs.

Whispers of the “miracle maker from Hyperion” preceded Meridian’s arrival in Atlas. The paint was dry on his new Trust, Hyperbotics, before he’d taken one step into the city. Some say he bribed the Trusts with such incredible wealth, they could rebuild all of Atlas in pure radamantium. As of yet, the city’s only major change has been the blue rise of Hyperbotics across the skyline, leaving many to wonder how the ancient automaton marshalled such power so quickly.

His presence inspired immediate loyalty from a number of Freelancers – Brynn in particular. He’s also been seen frequently at Zuki’s Flying Junkyard, which has created much gossip over whether or not he’s had any work done. (For the record, when asked, the prideful automaton insists he’s 100% original).


  • Brynn: It is widely believed that Meridian (repeatedly) saved the lives of Brynn’s forefathers.
  • Vonn: Meridian helped train Vonn; considers himself a mentor.


  • Rampart: Meridian reportedly called Rampart a “stripped-screwed punk who wouldn’t know a nut from his head,” much to Rampart's delight.