Magnus The Kingpin

MagnusThe Kingpin

Leader of EvoS, capable of controlling any crowd with an iron fist.

role: frontline

affiliation: Evolution Solutions


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Executive
  • Syndicate


Power Drive

Throw a punch dealing direct damage. Each turn you don’t use this ability, it powers up, increasing in range. The second and third arcs deal lesser direct damage. Can power up 2 times.

Extinction Event

Target enemies in an area. Next turn, a mark will appear at their location. Any enemy at this location during blast phase will take direct damage.

Horns Up

Enter a ready stance and gain shields. Next turn, you can charge, dealing direct damage to all enemies hit by your horns, in addition to rooting your primary target. If you do not use the dash, you will gain shields instead. Goes on cooldown regardless of ability used.

Deal Breaker

Uppercut enemies for direct damage and toss them to the selected square.

Boss Around

Shout at enemies, dealing 30 direct damage. Targets hit are forced to follow you this turn.


skills:Drawing a crowd. Destroying that crowd.

known for:Securing EvoS' status as a Trust of Atlas.

hobby:His infamous "eat club" of rare plants and animals prepared exclusively for his consumption.

Oceanus, the now-fallen megacity, was once home to billions of genetically modified marvels, all loosely allied in the advancement of science and evolutionary variety. According to legend, a young Magnus Pretorius was the first to successfully advocate for stronger leadership, corralling thousands of diverse communities together to form Oceanus' first centralized government. His dedication to city unification was Oceanus' salvation when its Reactor failed, and under his leadership, they secured a new seat of power in Atlas as "Evolution Solutions."

As CEO of EvoS, Magnus earned a reputation as a strict, yet adaptable, leader. As comfortable as he is delegating tasks to others, he's also more than willing to take matters into his own, highly armored hands – evidenced now by his entry into Freelancing, despite a lack of financial or resurrectional need.

"I do what I want," Magnus said, to reporters at HNN when asked about the freelancing bid. "The more interesting question is, does anyone have the bones to stop me?"


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