Khita The Shooting Star

KhitaThe Shooting Star

Nimble archer with specialized arrows that can heal and shield allies.

role: support

affiliation: Helio Corps


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Champion
  • Infiltrator


Warped Arrow

Loose a curving arrow that deals direct damage. Requires two inputs.

Resonance Burst

Create an energy fluctuation that grants shields to allies and weakens enemies.

Take Aim!

Mark an enemy. The first time allies deal direct damage to the marked enemy, they are healed.

Vaulting Shot

Dash to location and deal targeted damage back into the direction you came from.

Rain of Arrows

Rain arrows down a targeted line of effect, dealing damage and rooting enemies caught in it.


skills:Mind-bending hook shots. Laughing at you (and herself).

known for:Surviving the waste with (some of) her sanity intact.

favorite thing about Atlas:“The people! And clean water! Both great.”

While no official records of Khita's life before Atlas exist, the lancer herself is candid with tales of her adventures in the Waste. “Titus saved my life out there!” she declared in holo-streams across Atlas. “I couldn't kill anything before he came along. Then, it was like, dead food walking! PING!”

Some insist that her chipper demeanor is a ruse. Witnesses to her skill say that much like her self-proclaimed mentor, Titus, Khita is a fearless, brutal warrior. With her set of specialized arrows, she is able to attack targets and aid allies from near impossible angles. Silent on the hunt, the only thing that lets you know she's coming is the sound of pealing laughter right before her arrow finds its mark.


  • Titus: Taught Khita how to survive in the Waste.