Juno The Last Word

JunoThe Last Word

A twin cannon-wielding warrior who stands her ground no matter the odds.

role: firepower

affiliation: Omni Trust


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Titan Frame
  • Apocalypse
  • Buster


Laser Barrage

Fire a barrage of lasers from each cannon.


Tether a target to their current position for a turn. If they move more than 2 spaces away that turn, target will take indirect damage.

Off Limits

Knockback enemies within 2 spaces of yourself.

Riot Shield

Gain a large shield for the turn.

Lay Down the Law

Anchor to the ground and unleash a superheated beam. Deals damage, and also damages enemies that cross the beam during movement. Beam can be swept on subsequent turns.


skills:Captivating any audience.

known for:Being Omni's Head of Security.

Biggest Dream:She's already living it!

Juno grew up in the shadow of Atlas, in one of the many small border communities between Atlas and The Waste during the Titan War. Like so many others, she hoped to be sponsored by one of the Trusts and gain entry into Atlas. Omni officials were initially alerted to her as a security threat, given that she'd taken out twenty armed raiders with stones (at first), and later with the weapons she'd acquired along the way. After monitoring her for a short time, Omni soon saw her potential and sponsored her as a security trainee. The doors of Atlas were finally open.

Since then, the charismatic, twin cannon-wielding warrior has risen through the Omni ranks with impressive efficiency. In the wake of the Omni break-ins, Juno was seen as the only candidate above suspicion and has been put in charge of fixing the situation. She is the youngest ever Head of Security at Omni Trust, and a formidable opponent for any Freelancer.


  • Asana: Seen having lunch at Omni-Plex.


  • Celeste: Juno has some strong suspicions about Celeste’s involvement in Omni break-ins.