Grey The Hawk

GreyThe Hawk

Champion Tracker with a family fortune she uses to fund her Hunts.

role: firepower

affiliation: Wild Card (None)


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Stalker
  • Untamed
  • Herald
  • Truth
  • Relic Hunter


Tracer Bolt

Deal damage and track a target for 2 turns. Tracked targets are revealed.

Hawk Drone

Send out a sentinal drone that damages enemies in range. Tracked targets take extra damage. Drone stays at target location and shoots enemies in proximity during Blast Phase. Ignores cover.

Tranquilizer Dart

Launch a dart that weakens and reveals an enemy until the end of the turn. Enemies hit by a dart are tracked for 2 turns.

Slip Away

Escape to a target location beneath your drone.

Voltaic Cage

Command your drone to create a 2-turn cage around a targeted location. Enemies that cross the barrier are rooted and take damage, but the wall segment is destroyed.


skills:Hunting, tracking, and cape collecting.

known for:Using her family fortune to develop the world's deadliest traps and tranqs.

Life goal:Catching "uncatchable" beasts.

As heiress of Hawk Aviation, Grey always commanded the public's attention. Yet, it was when she emerged as the sole survivor of an unidentified monster's attacks, ravaged by wounds that left her reliant on biokinetic prosthesis, that she became the public's champion. She poured her fortune into new weaponry and scoured the Depths, killing monsters "for the safety of Atlas" and more likely, to slake her growing hunger for the hunt.

The reclusive hunter is never seen without her state-of-the-art Hawk Drone, Rio. The device is programmed to destroy anything she finds threatening; to date, that appears to include just about everything in visible range.


  • Rio, her Hawk Drone


  • Rask: The Rage Beast is suspected of attacking her family.
  • Nix: Ongoing competition as to who can kill the most monsters (and each other) first.
  • Phaedra: A monster Grey failed to kill in the Depths.