Gremolitions Inc. Idd and Odd

Gremolitions Inc.Idd and Odd

Lab-grown Gremunks who live for long-range artillery.

role: firepower

affiliation: Evolution Solutions


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Syndite
  • Great War
  • Slay Ride
  • Freebooter


Boom Boom

Launch two arcing bombs that deal damage. If they don't hit a target, they leave behind a damaging mine that lasts for 2 turns.


Drop damaging mines in all adjacent squares that last for 2 turns.

Big Bang

Lob a concussive bomb that deals damage and knocks back enemies.

Bombing Run

Jump twice in quick succession, dealing damage to nearby enemies at each location.

Maniacal Mayhem

Launch 4 damaging bombs to target locations. Enemies hit by more than one bomb take extra damage. Bombs cannot be placed directly on top of one another.


skills:Bomb-building, bomb-launching, bomb-bombing.

known for:Demolishing a whole wing at EvoS in their release from the lab.

age:Months past expiration, and counting!

Idd and Odd are vat-grown gremunks who somehow outlived their 30-day expiration date. Despite extensive testing, EvoS found that traditional methods of eliminating gremunculi, like sprays and ointments, were ineffective. Researchers joked that if a disaster destroyed Atlas, Idd and Odd would be the only two left to tell the tale. Eventually, EvoS cut their losses and put the pair's frustratingly persistent health to work instead.

Released from the lab (and their imminent recycle-by date), the gremunks founded Gremolitions, Inc. and proceeded to do what they do best: Blow. Up. Everything.


  • Each other


  • Each other