Garrison The One Man Army

GarrisonThe One Man Army

Titan War veteran equipped with a rocket-modded warsuit.

role: frontline

affiliation: Hyperbotics


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Savage Steel
  • Prototype
  • Hardlight


Piston Punch

Punch the closest enemy. Other enemies in range take lesser damage.

Hand Cannon

Blast an enemy, inflicting damage and slowing the target. Enemies caught in the secondary blast take lesser damage.

Missile Barrage

After a 1 turn delay, launch missiles that deal damage to 3 random enemies. Ignores cover.

Heavy Metal

Jump to a new position, inflicting damage and slow to enemies at the target location. Has a minimum range. Ignores cover.


Call down a drop pod to a target location anywhere on the map, dealing damage. Spawns four minor health pick-ups for your team.


skills:Fighting. Talking about fighting.

Known for:War-time heroics. Peace-time chaos.

Hobbies:Bare-knuckle boxing. Pub-crawling.

"Who's pummeled to pulp our dread enemies? It's our Garrison: the one man army!" Drinking songs of Garrison's war heroics abound, born, like him, in fields of bullets, bombs, and bots. According to legend, when injuries from an arms deal gone sideways nearly ended Garrison’s life, he crawled into a Warbotics Ballistic Exo Suit to survive. Not only did he survive, many say that the campaign of vengeance that followed won the war for the Trusts altogether. To honor his bravery and skill, his was the first resurrection contract sponsored by Warbotics.

A more honest man has never lived. Especially with a drink in his hand. Talk to him after a match, and he'll foot the bill on a good brew afterward. Even if he knocks you off your feet, you can still do a pub crawl, right?

Friends R

  • Lockwood: (Briefly) fought together in the war.
  • Rampart: Longtime war buddies. Saved each other's lives.
  • Titus: Often found exchanging combat stories in the pub.
  • Zuki: Zuki’s customized a few of Garrison’s favorite weapons.