Elle The Enforcer

ElleThe Enforcer

Ice-cold agent who deals damage to enemies near and far.

role: firepower

affiliation: Omni Trust


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Guerilla
  • Apocalypse
  • Great War


Plasma Volley

Shoot enemies within an adjustable range.

Combat Reflexes

Dash a short distance, then shoot enemies in a target range. Has 2 charges.


Empower your next attack. Excludes Lurker Drone. Allows full movement.

Lurker Drone

Place a Drone that can be triggered on a subsequent turn, damaging and slowing targets hit. Not affected by Overcharge. Fires automatically after 3 turns.

Oblivion Shell

Deals heavy damage. Also knocks back enemies, and yourself, to a new position.


skills:Making a mess. Sending a message.

known for:Active aggression. A low tolerance for… anyone.

Guiding mantra:Nothing opens a mind like a plasma gun.

Rumor has it that Elle is actually Agent L, Omni's highest ranking enforcer. The whispered "wolf" of Omni ensures that all trust directives were obeyed, all debts repaid. No problem is too big or small or talkative that can’t be solved with a visit from Agent L and her custom-built plasma gun. Anything Omni wants, she delivers. The messier the message, the better.

No one alive can confirm whether or not this is true, of course. But since Elle is the first to tell you that her favorite pastime is murder, maybe it's best to stay away.


  • Maid Mary, her plasma gun.


  • Celeste: Elle hunted an Omni thief, suspected to be Celeste.
  • Zuki: Elle is rumored to have "questioned" Zuki regarding an Omni theft.