Dr. Finn The 'Eeler

Dr. FinnThe 'Eeler

Sturgeon General with a healing gun and energized eels.

role: support

affiliation: Evolution Solutions


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Medicine Fish
  • Primal
  • Freebooter


Water Spout

An adjustable cone of high pressured water that deals variable damage based on the cone's width.

Refreshing Spray

Shoot a cone of water that heals allies and yourself.

Electrifying Eel

Launch an eel that deals damage and reveals the enemy until end of next turn. In the next blast phase, the eel launches itself at the nearest enemy within 5 spaces, causing the same effect.

Bubble Trouble

Attach a shielding bubble to an ally. During Blast Phase, the bubble pops, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies for the turn.


Summon churning waters that deal damage and pull in enemies. Can target through walls.


skills:Reassembling your body parts in new and exciting ways.

known for:Heals, zeal, and Reactor-energized eels.

childhood dream:To become a fish! (Only 50% more to go!)

The "Father of Inter-Species Hybridization" often credits his scientific success at EvoS to an insatiable curiosity. Few alive know how insatiable it truly is. When willing subjects of his Reactor-ized fish experiments were finally depleted, he volunteered his own body to science to see his vision through (1). Other aquatic hybrids in Atlas have expressed a distrust of Dr. Finn, citing suspicions that he only converted for the jokes.

Dr. Finn's eel-energized ray gun is customized to his specifications. It has a thermo-accelerator, a chemical synthesizer, and a matter replicator that provides him with an endless stream of eels (and test subjects).


  • Rask: Dr. Finn often takes lunch beside Rask's enclosure. Whether Rask likes that is unknown.
  • NEV:3 They speak each other’s language.


  • Grey: He's been overheard railing against her assassination of his "beloveds"