Celeste The Rogue

CelesteThe Rogue

Crafty thief who uses two grappling hooks to steal power-ups and knock out enemies.

role: firepower

affiliation: Helio Corps


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Narcissus
  • Masquerade
  • Leading Lady
  • Infiltrator
  • Adventurer


Strong Arm

Launch two grapplers, which can deal damage to two separate targets or heavier damage to a single target. Grapplers can also can target power-ups instead, for use on the next turn.

Proximo Charge

Place a 4-turn trap that is invisible to enemies. If the enemy is on the trap during Blast Phase, the trap explodes, dealing direct damage. The trap takes 1 turn to arm and cannot detonate the turn it’s placed.

Smoke Bombs

Throw two smoke bombs that last until end of next turn. Smoke bombs block line of sight and deal direct damage on hit.

On the Run

Dash to two locations in quick succession. Enemies hit take direct damage.


Fire dual grapplers that can damage two enemies, or deal heavier damage to a single target. If enemies hit have active might, energize, or haste buffs, gain that effect the next turn.


skills:Misdirection. Safecracking.

known for:Acquiring rare items by request for a small fee.

Preferred Hair Product:Getting 'Air, same as Lockwood.

New records indicate that Celeste's unusual freelancing contract was sponsored with a generous donation from HelioCorp. Early investigations indicate that the two may have met earlier this year, when several of Cloudspire's automatic security wards reported that they'd been attacked at range or had their vision compromised by persistent smoke, which falls in line with her current Freelancing profile.

Celeste claims to have infiltrated Omni Trust, Evolution Solutions, and Warbotics. She’s made numerous confidential Omni records public, and many suspect she has intel on EvoS and Warbotics as well.


  • Unknown


  • Unknown