Brynn The Sky Warden

BrynnThe Sky Warden

Fearsome warrior who wields a lance and shield with unmatched expertise.

role: frontline

affiliation: Hyperbotics


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Ragnarok
  • Hardlight



A spear stab of varying length. Each target hit takes less damage than the one before it.


Gain cover in a direction for a turn, reducing damage from non-adjacent attacks. This is a free action.

Soaring Shield

Throw a shield that can bounce off up to 2 walls, dealing damage and knocking back the first enemy hit.

Flight of the Valkyrie

Dash to a location and deal damage to enemies in a direction. Your shield provides cover from the chosen direction until the end of the turn.

Spear of Hyperion

Attack enemies in a wide beam, pulling enemies hit toward the center of the targeter.


skills:Shielding allies. Shielding enemies (to the face).

known for:Being the last known descendant of Hyperion royalty.

favorite saying:“Justice has wings.”

It is said that of the great warrior dynasties that once reigned in Hyperion, Brynn’s was the finest. Her ancestry was full of generals, commanders, and lords who ruled over the city with a radamantium fist. When the Hyperion Reactor fell in 2435, her people guided thousands across the Waste to Atlas and helped established the new Trust rule by forming Warbotics.

Some suggest that Brynn’s latest foray into Freelancing may be related to the dissolution of Warbotics after their defeat in the Trust War. Family pride and loyalty run deep in her history. And, as any descendant of Hyperion knows, wars don’t end until the blood runs dry.


  • Rampart: Any friend of Hyperion is a friend of hers.
  • Meridian: It is widely believed that Meridian (repeatedly) saved the lives of Brynn’s forefathers.