Blackburn The Last Soldier

BlackburnThe Last Soldier

Super soldier with an arsenal of deadly weapons at his command.

role: firepower

affiliation: Hyperbotics


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Ares 1 Protosuit
  • Eliminator
  • Justice
  • Necrolancer
  • Apocalypse



Attacks either a single target or a group of enemies based on targeting.

Proteus Grenade

Throws a grenade dealing area of effect damage.

Adrenal Stim

Inject yourself with a stim that grants haste and might until the end of the turn.


Dash to cover and then choose a direction to set up overwatch, damaging enemies in a cone during blast phase.

Scorched Earth

Call in an air strike to deal massive damage to enemies in a line.


skills:Infiltrating enemy lines. Exploding enemy lines.

known for:Not quite dying heroically in battle.

Favorite Party Trick:Materializing grenades and stims out of thin air. (Double on the stims).

Blackburn was once the leader of Warbotics' special ops squad, Ares 1. The elite squad took on missions no one thought possible – and those doubts were proven right. Archival records state that Blackburn's entire unit, including himself, died in a bloody skirmish in the Waste. His emergence now as a mechanized super soldier for Warbotics has many Atlas citizens curious. Given that Blackburn appears to share the memories of the fallen soldier, it does seem that they are one and the same.

Blackburn carries a hi-tech rifle and gauntlet that makes grenades, ammo, and stims on demand. His favorite part is the endless supply of stims. He sure does like his stims.


  • Garrison: Fought beside each other during the Titan War.
  • Rampart: Allies during the war, but have recently found that they have a lot more in common.


  • PuP: Keeps mistaking Blackburn’s leg for a chew toy.
  • Elle: Agent L is suspected of [redacted] at the battle for [redacted]. Further investigation required.