Aurora The Digital Sorceress

AuroraThe Digital Sorceress

Ex-scientist capable of destroying or repairing atoms.

role: support

affiliation: Omni Trust


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Blaze
  • Voltaic
  • Frostover
  • Necrolancer


Shock Therapy

Project a stream of energy that deals damage to enemies and restores health to allies.

Ion Cloud

Create an entropic cloud that deals damage and lasts 2 turns.

Healing Flare

Restore health to yourself or an ally. Enemies next to the target are knocked back during the Blast Phase.


Unleash a surge of energy, making enemies weak and granting shields to allies for the turn. Can shoot through walls.

Heart of the Storm

Project powerful beams in four directions that damages enemies and heals allies. Can shoot through walls and ignores cover.


skills:Curing people. Destroying people.

known for:Manipulating time, space, and her own DNA.

Weapon of choice:Razor-sharp condescension.

Aurora is believed to have been an Omni scientist who vanished while studying the Reactor anomaly, "Quark". After the scientist's disappearance, Aurora emerged from the Reactor, shocking everyone. Literally. Her damage was so thorough, Omni sold out their entire stock of healing catalysts. It is speculated that Aurora has rejoined Omni as a Freelancer to test and strengthen her atomic control over living matter.

Aurora's form mimics the Reactor's abilities, allowing her to mend or destroy atoms at will. How her skills are focused depend entirely on whether she considers those around her to be allies or obstacles.

Friends E

  • Asana: Often mistaken for each other. Often angry about it.


  • Quark: Aurora is known to keep tabs (and a narrowed eye) on the oddity's whereabouts.