Asana The Techno Tachi

AsanaThe Techno Tachi

Disciplined warrior imbued with the power to create shields.

role: frontline

affiliation: Wild Card (None)


  • Health
  • Damage
  • Survival
  • Difficulty


  • Aerocarbon
  • Hardlight
  • Necrolancer
  • Asha Catari


Whirling Blade

Unleash a spinning strike on enemies within melee range. Gain energy per enemy hit.

Rebounding Charge

Dash in a direction, doing damage to the first enemy hit, and then chase them. This dash can bounce off walls and ignores cover.

Stand and Fight

Lash out with a surge of energy that deals damage and roots the enemy.


Create a nanite shield that absorbs damage and strikes back at enemies who damage you. Ignores cover.

Guardian Angel

Target an Ally's location and protect yourself and nearby allies with a shield. In Dash Phase, teleport to them and damage enemies in range.


skills:Swordplay, defensive nanotech.

known for:Sharp wits, sharper blade.

Motto:"The real battle exists within."

According to documents archived on HNN (1), Asana was a participant in "Project Nidus", an apparent Omni initiative geared toward creating nanite-infused warriors. Each warrior is said to wield an Ancient, a mythical weapon forged by GAIA in the heart of a Reactor. It is rumored that Asana is currently tasked with guarding high-ranking Omni officials and keeping watch for other Nidus initiates at large in Atlas (2).

Years of nanite exposure have imbued her with the power to create protective forcefields and withstand brutal attacks. It also turned her purple. But don't bring it up, unless you'd like to be black and blue yourself.

Friends I

  • Aurora: Seen together, glowering at Omni employees who've confused their names.
  • Helio: Bonded over a mutual love of shields.
  • Su-Ren: Su-Ren is said to be one of Asana's former trainers.
  • Kaigin: A childhood friend.