Season 7: New Skins, Taunts, and Rewards!

Season 7: New Skins, Taunts, and Rewards!

Season 7: Oblivion’s Shadow


Embrace the darkness in Season 7 and experience Oblivion’s Shadow with the new skins, taunts, and lots of new seasonal rewards. Discover the latest Oblivion map and a Necrolancer themed season this year. Get ready for ranked mode to start up again on September 25th!


New Skins: Voodoo Quark(Coming Soon) and Ranked Contender Skin

Prepare to scare this season with the new Voodoo Quark skins stitched together with buttons, needles, and maybe a little too much love. Share your special Quark bond with allies and enemies alike and be earn sure to work toward the new ranked contender skin.



New Taunts: Phaedra, Titus, Tol-Ren

Flaunt and taunt this season by unlocking brand new taunts from some of your favorite Freelancers through season level rewards! New taunts for Phaedra, Titus, and Tol-Ren can be unlocked by reaching season levels 30, 60, and 90. Additional Taunts for Lex and Garrison can be purchased for ISO.



New Rewards: Titles
Season 7 introduces some new titles which can be obtained with in-game currency or season level rewards. Customize your banner even more and show off your unique combination of banner title, emblem, and background as you play in Atlas.

See you in game!

~The Atlas Reactor Team