NEW Necrolancer Phaedra Skins, Necrolancer Pack, and Prototype Map

NEW Necrolancer Phaedra Skins, Necrolancer Pack, and Prototype Map
Necrolancer Phaedra Skins and Necrolancer Six Pack Available on Steam

Necrolancer Phaedra Skins

From the darkest of the Depths, an all-new Necrolancer Phaedra emerges with the new skins released today! Form a dark pact with a whole team of Necrolancers and crush your enemies with these deadly skins. The Master version for the Necrolancer Phaedra skin will be available after 2 weeks.

Necrolancer Six Pack on Steam

Lookout Lancers, there’s a new special Necrolancer Six Pack on Steam! For a limited time, snag this incredible bundle on Steam and show off your dark side with these Necrolancer skins. Save on this incredible Necrolancer Six Pack deal and check out what’s in the pack here:

  • Phaedra Freelancer + Necrolancer Toxic Skin
  • Su-Ren Freelancer + Necrolancer Toxic Skin
  • Aurora Freelancer + Necrolancer Dark Matter and Frostbite Skins
  • Asana Freelancer + Necrolancer Dark Knight and Ravager Skins
  • Blackburn Freelancer + Necrolancer Hemlock Skin
  • Meridian Freelancer  + Necrolancer Doombringer Skin

New Prototype Map – Hexcellence

Thanks to all the amazing community feedback, we’re rolling out prototype maps into Atlas! The new map, Hexcellence, is the first among many collaboration maps we’re making with the community in mind. Show off your map ideas and suggestions to help construct and name these maps with the Devs. These prototype maps will utilize the Practice mode environment and initially be available in PVP, VS Bots, and Custom games (not Ranked yet). Be sure to share your thoughts on social media, forums, Discord, and Reddit!

– The Atlas Reactor Team

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