1 Year Anniversary Event October 4 – 9

1 Year Anniversary Event October 4 – 9
Celebrate and log in Oct. 4 – 9 for FREE 1 Year Anniversary Rewards

Atlas Reactor 1 Year Anniversary – Oct. 4 to 9

Lancers, we are excited to share epic rewards with you to commemorate 1 year of Atlas Reactor! Celebrate by logging in between October 4 to 9 (ends 11:59pm PDT) to receive lots of epic loot for FREE.

  • 1 Year Celebration Meridian “Thumbs-up” Emoji
  • 1 Year Celebration Banner Emblem
  • 3 Freelancers: Asana, Blackburn, Helio
  • 3 Skins: Hardlight Asana, Eliminator Blackburn, Moonwalker Helio
  • 9 Loot Matrices: 3 Asana, 3 Blackburn, 3 Helio Loot Matrices
  • 7 days of Lancer Enhancer (2x Freelancer experience)
  • Double Flux Weekend: Gain 2x Flux currency from matches October 6 to 8

Anniversary Sale – 50% off Store Prices

That’s not all! Enjoy these awesome offers and receive 50% off nearly everything! Packs, Loot Matrices, GG Boosts, Skins, and even Lancer Enhancers are half the dollar price for a limited time only.

  • All Freelancer Packs – 50% off!
  • All Loot Matrix packs – 50% off!
  • All GG Boosts packs – 50% off!
  • All purchasable skins – 50% off!
  • Lancer Enhancer (including the 1 year Ultimate Enhancer) – 50% off!
1 Year of Fun Facts and Stats

Time for some fun facts over the past year! Let’s take a look at the kills, heals, damage deals, and all the impressive data for our 1 year Anniversary!

  • 7,905,690 kills in PvP/Ranked matches.
  • 24,380,288 takedowns.
  • 112,128 entire days of Atlas Reactor played.
  • 4,523,882 times players taunted each other.
  • 5,287,519 GG Boosts used.
  • 3,599,385,041 damage dealt.
  • 879,396,064 units of healing done.
  • 40,973,175 power-ups picked up.
  • 581,960 games went to overtime.
  • 49 extra turns in the longest overtime game.
  • 1,663,471 overcons used.
  • 4,188,603 Freelancer levels gained.
  • 123 on Kaigin: highest Freelancer level attained.
  • 88,042 Lockwood Trick Shot: most taunted ability.
  • 1,491,324 Zuki Big One hits.
  • 0 messes left on the rug by PuP. Good boy!
  • 1 cigar unfinished by Lockwood, nobody touches his cigar!

Season 4 and Halloween Event Oct. 10

Atlas Reactor has evolved so much over the past year, now with 30 unique Freelancers and the roster continues to grow with a Dinolancer on the horizon! Fourlancer 1v1 game mode has been a HUGE hit so far, plus all the other game modes this year have been a blast. Season 4 and the Holo Haunt begins October 10th, with new Halloween skins and returning ones to look forward to.

– The Atlas Reactor Team

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