New Adventure Pack and Double XP Weekend

New Adventure Pack and Double XP Weekend
Adventure Pack available on Steam and Double XP (July 28 – July 30)

Adventure is out there! Look for the new Relic Hunter Grey and Adventurer Celeste skins in the Adventure Freelancer Five Pack available on Steam. Hunt for loot in style with 9 adventurous skins and unlock each of the lancers wearing ’em. The Adventure Pack is an incredible deal, and the Relic Hunter Grey skins are also sold separately through the in-game store. The Celeste Adventurer skins are included in the Adventure Pack now and will also be available for separate purchase in a couple weeks, so take your pick on how to unlock these amazing treasures.

On top of all that, earn double XP this weekend and explore what’s going on in the competitive scene with the Damage Inc. $1,000 tournament at

Adventure Freelancer Five Pack on Steam

  • Unlocks Grey and her Relic Hunter skins in Verdant, Timeworn, and Obsidian styles
  • Unlocks Celeste and her Adventurer skins in Raider, Sun-Kissed, Forester styles
  • Unlocks Titus and his Untamed skin in the Clay style
  • Unlocks Lockwood and his Unforgiven skin in the Badger style
  • Unlocks Dr. Finn and his Primal skin in the Clownin’ style

Double XP Weekend – July 28 to 30

  • Gain 2x experience from matches

Damage Incorporated $1,000 Invitational Tournament

Damage Inc. is inviting the top Atlas Reactor teams to compete with a $1,000+ prize pool on the line! Check out the tournament this weekend July 29 – 30 starting at 9:00am PDT on Saturday. Take a look at the prizes below and watch the stream at

Damage Inc. Prizes:
  • 1st Place: Damage Inc. Skin variation for winning team’s chosen Freelancers, Champion Citadel Asana Skin, Tournament Champion Title, 80 Loot Matrices (20 per player), 120 GG Boosts (30 per player)
  • 2nd – 3rd Place: Tournament Player Title, 40 Loot Matrices (10 per player), 40 GG Boosts (10 per player)
  • 4th – 8th Place: Tournament Player Title, 40 GG Boosts (10 per player)

$1,000+ prize pool supported by Damage Incorporated.

– The Atlas Reactor Team

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