MEGA Appreciation Weekend: July 6 – 9

MEGA Appreciation Weekend: July 6 – 9
Log in for a FREE gift with Freelancers, epic skins, loot matrices, and more!

MEGA Appreciation Weekend July 6 to July 9 – Log in to Receive:

  • 3 Freelancers: Aurora, Titus, Elle
  • 3 Skins: Necrolancer Aurora, Necrolancer Titus, Apocalypse Elle
  • 9 Loot Matrices: 3 Aurora, 3 Titus, 3 Elle Loot Matrices
  • Mega Lancer Enhancer: 7 days of 2x Freelancer experience
  • Double XP: Gain 2x experience from matches July 6 to July 9
  • Double Flux: Gain 2x Flux currency from matches July 6 to July 9
  • 5,000 ISO: Bonus ISO only for owning an All Freelancer Pack

It’s time to celebrate all around Atlas with a MEGA Appreciation Weekend! From July 6 to July 9 enjoy lots of FREE loot just for logging in and unlock the 3 Freelancers Aurora, Titus, and Elle. You’ll also receive an epic Necrolancer Aurora, Necrolancer Titus, and Apocalypse Elle skin for that extra skintimidation factor!

Plus, prepare to open 9 lancer-specific loot matrices (3 for Aurora, Titus, Elle each) and get a Mega Lancer Enhancer bonus which lasts 7 days. On top of all that, everyone earns double XP and Flux this weekend, and if you already own an All Freelancer Pack you receive a bonus 5,000 ISO.

Thank YOU for being awesome and part of the Atlas Reactor Community, we truly appreciate it! In case you missed it, the new cat lady Freelancer, NEV:3, claws her way in and releases next week. If you can’t wait, feel free to play her on PTS and give us your feedback.

– The Atlas Reactor Team

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