Double Flux Weekend: June 9-11

Double Flux Weekend: June 9-11
From June 9 – June 11, earn DOUBLE base Flux from every match!

Chapter 2 hits hard with new lore, new skins, and we’re celebrating with a Double Flux Weekend (Jun 9th-11th)!

If you’re interested in even MORE FLUX, activate GG Boosts during and/or after matches, providing a ton of extra Flux!

That’s a total of 2x Base Flux + the variable amount of GG boost Flux. So stock up on GG boosts and don’t be shy about letting those in your matches know you enjoyed their whiffed ults or amazing dashes.

Hyperbotics Daily Missions for Skins!
Show your love – or allegiance – for Hyperbotics by completing daily missions to earn 28 skins! These will be available until the end of Chapter 4! Your diligence will be rewarded.

Skins for Sale
Many players had expressed their desire to purchase skins directly, so for this chapter we are forgoing a Loot Matrix and instead allowing Celeste’s new Infiltrator skins to be purchased directly. We want to hear your feedback on this test, so please visit the forums to discuss!

– The Atlas Reactor Team

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