Season 3: Stats & Achievements

Season 3: Stats & Achievements

Building a better experience

We know you don’t want to just play Atlas Reactor – you want to be the best! We’re adding Stats, Badges, and Achievements to help you track your progress and aim for being a better freelancer. Starting on May 9th, Season 3 will give you more tools to improve!


This new feature will shine a light on all the places that value hides in a match. While it’s obvious that your primary attack hits for 34 damage, perhaps, it’s much less obvious how much damage you avoided because you dashed, or how much of an effect your Might and Weaken had as a support.

We were already showing Damage, Healing, and Damage Taken, but now we’ll be including much more detailed stats that look at how well you are doing as a Firepower, Frontliner, or Support. We’re also adding something unique – Freelancer-specific stats! These will allow you to compare each of your games on a certain Freelancer to see how well you utilized your special abilities in battle. Stats can also help you find the holes in your playstyle with each Freelancer so you know where to focus on improving.

All General stats are measured per turn or per life so that short games matter as much as long games.

  • Takedowns – The number of kills you participated (support/damage) in within 2 turns of the death.
  • Total Deaths – The number of times you died.
  • Badge Points – A point value awarded based on the number and quality of each badge earned.
  • Energy – The total Energy generated, not including Energy wasted by overflowing, per turn.


  • Damage Dealt – The total damage dealt, including into shields.
  • Boosted Damage – Outgoing damage gained from Might.
  • Damage Efficiency – Measures what percentage of your total damage was not lost to cover or overkill.
  • Kill Participation – What percentage of the enemy deaths you had a hand in causing.


  • Heals & Shields – Your total effective healing and shielding.
  • Team Damage Boost – The total teammate Damage increase caused by your Might combined with the total enemy damage reduced by your Weak.
  • Team Energy Boost – The total Energy granted to teammates by your abilities.
  • Cover Reduction – The amount of damage reduced by using cover.


  • Damage Taken – The amount of damage you take each time you spawn.
  • Crowd Control – The amount of movement denied by slow, root, and knockback effects.
  • Damage Dodged – The total damage avoided using Dash phase abilities and Catalysts.
  • Vision Provided – The number of Freelancers your character provides vision on per turn.


Time to celebrate particularly outstanding performances with the new Badge system! It’s fun to see your name pop up after the game and show everyone how you stood out that match by rewarding you with badges from different categories of play – General, Firepower, Frontline, and Support. Players can earn badges outside their category, but will be better at earning badges from General and their own category.

Most badges come in 3 qualities – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The better a player does compared to all other players in the world that game, the higher quality badge they can earn. Our metrics are mostly measured on a per-turn basis, so that doing your best every turn is what matters, rather than how long a game goes on. Badges look at a combination of stats to determine when they are earned. For instance, the “Damage Efficiency” badge looks at your Damage Dealt, your Damage Lost to Cover, and your Overkill damage to determine if your Damage Efficiency value is high enough to earn a badge. (Some stats are being tracked but not displayed to assist in the calculation of displayed Stats.) For a bronze badge, you have to beat 50% of all players; for Silver, 65%, and for gold, 80%. (These thresholds are still subject to final tuning based on playtesting and player feedback.)

Here’s a list of the Badges that can be earned:


  • Takedown Participation
  • Triple Threat
  • Freelancer Badge
  • Damage Dodged


  • Damage Per Turn
  • Damage Efficiency
  • Damage Done Per Life
  • Best In Match: Damage Per Turn


  • Support Per Turn
  • Team Damage Boost
  • Team Energizer
  • Best In Match: Team Damage Mitigated


  • Vision
  • Tanking
  • Crowd Control
  • Best In Match: Tanking


At the end of each game, players will be featured on the post-game screen in one of four Accolade categories based on how many badges they earned and whether those badges were bronze, Silver, or Gold. The four Accolade categories are Cornerstone (Best Support), Devastator (Best Firepower), Vanguard (Best Frontliner), and Exemplar (Most Decorated).


These special missions are a great way to keep track of just how dedicated to the world of Atlas Reactor. Many of them are Freelancer specific, like:

Shield to the Face

  • Deal at least 200 damage and dodge at least 100 damage in one game as Brynn.

Some of them are there to celebrate major accomplishments in your Atlas Reactor career, like:

The Power of Friendship

  • Heal or Shield 10,000 Damage.

Players will be able to complete these in game AND via Steam Achievements!

– The Atlas Reactor Team

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