Season 3 Sneak Peek

Season 3 Sneak Peek

Season 3 Is Fast Approaching

Season 2 has been awesome, but it’s nearly complete. On May 9th Season 3 hits hard with a ton of new content! You’ll enjoy a new freelancer, new map, more themed skins closely related to the developing lore, and a stats system so you can track and improve your skills as a hired gun.

New Freelancer

We don’t know much about the next freelancer, so let’s list all the sneak peeks and leaks you’ve collected:

  • Male
  • Support
  • No Dash
  • Melee
  • Wields a hammer (much larger than Helio’s hammer)

Everyone needs supports! They are the true glue that holds a team together, so you’ll really want to stick close to him.

New Map

If you’ve been following our Friday live streams on, you’ve probably seen the development of this map over time. It’s unique among our maps because each team starts in opposing corners, and it has a special rotating buff in a spot that starts fights and ends lives. You can expect to see teams battling in the middle, a wide-open area, or small skirmishes in the corridors around the edges. It’s full of conflict – Hyperion’s specialty!


Unlike the Hardlight series, these skins aren’t just suits, but a complete robotic remake of the Freelancer. Check out this concept art for Kaigin’s upcoming robo-skin!

Stats and Achievements

Ever wonder how many attacks you prevented by shielding as Rampart? What about how many Void Marks you triggered as Kaigin? Season 3 will give you the opportunity to beat personal bests, check global averages, and earn badges each match! We’ll discuss Achievements in next week’s blog.


– The Atlas Reactor Team

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