January Producer’s Letter

January Producer’s Letter
Peter Ju with the New Year news!

Hello lancers,

It’s a new year and we’ve got a ton of news! Peter “Pju” Ju, the Executive Producer, wanted to share this news with you, our amazing community. Read on, and prepare to be impressed!


Atlas Reactor Season 2 is coming January 17, and a ton of major improvements and enhancements are coming with it! The most exciting change for many is that you will now be able to earn Freelancers by playing the game and will also be able to purchase freelancers individually. Premium character packs will continue to give purchasers all current and future freelancers forever.

For those who have purchased the game previously, or purchase it before January 17th, we’ll be delivering a special thank-you package in the coming weeks.

From the beginning, the Atlas Reactor team has listened to and responded to your feedback, and earning freelancers through gameplay has been your number one request post-launch. By making the game fully free to play we give more players the opportunity to experience everything Atlas Reactor has to offer. Now, players will be able to play the game for free, earn some freelancers along the way, and at any time they can upgrade to a premium pack to get all current and future freelancers.

In addition to the ability to earn Freelancers through playing the game, Season Two introduces a new Freelancer, the beginning of our Season 2 storyline, new rewards to earn, a big set of Freelancer balance changes, rotating game modes and a new season of ranked – which free players will now be able to participate in as well! We’ve even revamped the introductory tutorial to get new players up to speed more quickly.

We will be explaining the details of the Season 2 features and the free to play specifics in future blog posts so stay tuned.

The Atlas Reactor team has had a ton of fun working on and playing the game during Season 1. We have learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work in the context of the gameplay of Atlas Reactor. With every new freelancer, map and game mode we released we added more depth and variety to the game, and we are definitely excited to continue growing and improving the game in Season 2!

– Peter Ju
Executive Producer
Atlas Reactor


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