New Freelancer: Phaedra, The Abomination

New Freelancer: Phaedra, The Abomination
Not even walls can stop her!

Phaedra, the newest frontline to join the ranks of Freelancers, is here, and there’s no hiding from her.

Evolution Solutions doesn’t believe in waste. When an experiment goes wrong, they pour old resources into something new. After all, who knows what creature might benefit from an extra set of chitinous legs or toxic fangs?

Thus, Phaedra came into existence. The powerful creature is capable of smashing the ground with such force, she disrupts the terrain around her. The emergence of constantly evolving lairs and labyrinths throughout the Depths suggests that Phaedra has escaped from EvoS repeatedly over the course of her lifetime – most recently during a chaotic break-in at the Trust.

Some terrified citizens claim that Phaedra is the notorious “terror of the Depths,” thought to feast upon the colonies of Gremunks that EvoS has discarded, though others dismiss those tales as myth. However, one only need point to the infamous Grey family massacre to know that some myths do have claws.

Basic Gameplay

Phaedra excels at hunting down and sticking to her foes. Her primary, Seismic Slam, is a large cone that allows you to keep chipping away at enemies, even if they’re behind walls. She does a great job of making sure enemies can’t escape her easily by using Putrid Spray which applies a slow to targets within an even wider cone. If any of those targets take damage from Phaedra on the following turn, they’ll take even more damage when the infestation of bugs from Putrid Spray becomes enraged and attacks. Even if you DO give her the slip, her dash, Juggernaut, has serious range, deals AoE upon landing, AND it can go through walls. OHHH YEAAAH!

If you ever turn the tables and deal damage instead of taking it, you better hope she didn’t use Mending Swarm! It’s a free action ability that rewards predicting when her enemies have had enough and want to give her a beat down. On the following two turns, Phaedra will heal 100% of the damage she had taken, keeping her on the chase with renewed vigor. There comes a time when even Phaedra is tired of chasing her targets, so she smashes down and causes an earthquake that splits the land capturing her enemies inside her Lair with her – not a good place to be! Her Lair deals damage and prevents enemies from walking out during the Movement Phase the turn she creates it.

Dashing, teleporting and being displaced are the only ways to escape her Lair, but even then be sure she can’t follow easily – remember, she can go through walls! Phaedra is good at chipping away health, but Mending Swarm’s sustain is only effective when she takes damage. As with most freelancers, paying attention to her cooldowns helps to make sure damage sticks. After she’s used Juggernaut and Mending Spray, there’s a solid chance she’ll take enough damage to keep her at a safe distance. Keep in mind that Juggernaut stops at the first enemy hit and just on the other side of walls she may charge through. You’ll be rewarded for predicting her landing zone. Her relentless, consistent, and well rounded kit requires vigilance, prediction, and focus. Good luck Lancers!


  • Seismic Slam
    • Smash the ground causing shock waves that deal damage and can even travel through walls.
  • Putrid Spray
    • Release a swarm of bugs that only slows targets in a wide cone. Damage on the following turn to those targets will cause the swarm to become enraged, dealing damage.
  • Mending Swarm
    • Activate this free action when Phaedra will take damage. On the following two turns Phaedra heals it all back!
  • Juggernaut
    • Phaedra charges, crashing through walls, until she hits an enemy or the max distance, slamming the ground for tremors damage.
  • Lair
    • Create a large earthquake that deals damage and creates a wall enemies can enter, but can’t walk out of!

Advanced Tactics

When playing as Phaedra:

  • Seismic Slam is great for putting pressure on multiple enemies no matter the terrain. Position yourself so that you can hit multiple targets each turn.
  • When Mending Swarm is available try to bait enemies into attacking you.
  • Juggernaut can be used to either get in front of or to the side of enemy freelancers. Bash them from the front if you want to absorb damage for your team or to the side if you need to conserve health.
  • Lair traps your foes in a contained area. Combine Lair with other powerful area of effect abilities such as Zuki’s Big One for maximum damage.
  • Although Phaedra doesn’t have any burst damage on a singular ability, pairing Putrid Spray with other damaging abilities can cause a large amount of pain in one turn which can be useful for securing kills.

Coming up against Phaedra:

  • Keep track of Phaedra’s cooldowns. Don’t focus fire her when she has Mending Swarm available unless her health is low enough that she can be burst down.
  • Try to keep Phaedra out of the fight as much as possible. When Juggernaut is on cooldown knock her back or root her in place in order to disengage.
  • Phaedra’s burst damage comes from Putrid Spray. If she afflicts you with bugs consider dashing away to negate the damage.
  • Keep your distance when she has 100 energy. Lair covers a huge area, and you don’t want to be stuck in it with her.
  • She has 2 very large cone targeters – Seismic Slam and Putrid Spray. Shifting or dashing behind her can keep you safe.