ESL Go4Cup November 12-13 Winners!

ESL Go4Cup November 12-13 Winners!
Such fun, much competitive!

The ESL Go4Cup is a weekly event that offers a deep competitive experience with the chance at cash prizes and glory! Grab your team, sign up, and start yourself on the road to victory on a week by week basis.

This past weekend, the first of the ESL Go4Cups was completed and the victors have been announced. Congratulations to these two fantastic teams, as it was no easy task taking on the other challengers within each bracket.

NA – Team Vexed Gaming
EU – Team Outplayed

We reached out to Team Vexed Gaming and asked them a few questions about their experience. You can also watch the finals here!

(Finals match starts at 03:19:20)
Q: What was your team finals comp and why? Was it just something familiar, or was it due to the enemy team comp and map?

A: Our team comp was Celeste, Grey, Rask and Su-Ren. We are pretty much familiar with every freelancer or at least with the strongest freelancers so basically we just picked the best freelancers available through the draft phase.

Q: Were there any mod selections made specifically because of the enemy team, or synergies between your team during the finals?

A: Rask + Grey + Celeste have synergy due to Rask’s knockback. He can throw enemies into Grey’s drone/ultimate and Celeste’s trap and because of that we used the mod where Rask can knockback multiple targets. Also, because the finals were played on Flyway map, we used the extra range mod on Grey’s ultimate.

Q: What do you think gave you the edge over the enemy team during the finals?

A: Positioning. We were able to trap 3 players in a corner of the map for several turns forcing them to use catalysts. That made it easy to secure some kills afterwards. At turn 11 we took advantage of enemy’s mistakes and from that turn on, the game was in our favor.

Learn from this insight and develop your own strategies! Maybe the next time you compete you’ll have a chance to take down these champions by using their knowledge against them.

Good luck lancers!
– The Atlas Reactor Team

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