New Freelancer: Su-Ren, The Robo-Roshi

New Freelancer: Su-Ren, The Robo-Roshi
Learn from Su-Ren, The Robo-Roshi

Su-Ren will teach you the ways of duality.

Basic Gameplay
Su-Ren’s primary, Martial Master, is just the start of her “duality” theme. It has two targeter states – a medium ranged line or a shorter 360 degree AoE. Her healing ability, Serenity, is always useful, even if her allies aren’t within range because it also heals her. It’s a free action and synergizes incredibly well with her dash, Shifting Winds. Su-Ren’s dash targets an enemy or an ally, and then targets the opposite on the next turn – healing allies, damaging enemies! After dashing in, you can position yourself to body block for an ally, steal a buff, or even put more allies in range for your free action heal. Spirit Bend is great for when you’re just out of range with your other abilities, but still want to affect the fight. After targeting an ally or enemy – giving them might or weak respectively – any damage they do will spread the opposite status to their victims! This works great with targets that are about to use an AoE ability, as the reverse affect can spread to more targets.

Karmic Justice, Su-Ren’s ultimate, is a massive shield that explodes on the following turn dealing a varying amount of damage based on how much damage the shield absorbed. She can save teammates on the brink of death, or ensure a massive AoE blast that’ll shred the opposing team’s health pool. Karmic Justice shines when you know a lot of damage will be focused on an ally. Knowing when to use her ult will be incredibly important to mastering Su-Ren!

If Su-Ren doesn’t use Shifting Winds again on the turn after the first use of it, she won’t be able to dash again until it comes off cooldown. The probability of dashing twice in a row for maximum efficiency is something you can expect from Su-Ren. Consider countering this with traps, or not targeting her after her first dash, as she will most likely dash again. Most of her abilities are fairly short ranged, so displacements, roots, and slows can be very effective at keeping her out of the fight. When Karmic Justice comes up, predicting who she’ll shield is quite valuable – you don’t want to hit her shielded target because it’ll increase the damage it will do when it explodes on the following turn. Instead, take this chance to target another enemy. Su-Ren often needs to be in the middle of the fight to be effective, but has the tools to be evasive when needed. Take advantage of this predictable playstyle and maybe the student will become the teacher!


  • Martial Master
    • Choose to either slam your staff down in a line, or sweep it around you.
  • Serenity
    • As a free action, heal yourself and your allies in an area around you.
  • Shifting Winds
    • Dash to an ally and heal them, or to an enemy to harm them. You may do this again on the following round, but to the opposite target.
  • Spirit Bend
    • Grant an ally might, or a weaken a foe. The first time the target deals damage in the next 2 turns, it will spread the opposite affect on their targets.
  • Karmic Justice
    • Give an ally a massive shield that will explode on the following turn, dealing damage based on how much damage it absorbed.

Advanced Tactics

When playing as Su-Ren:

  • Shifting Winds is essential for placing yourself in an ideal location to hit multiple allies with Serenity.
  • Both forms of Martial Master have their uses. The circular attack is very useful if you think an enemy will dash near you.
  • Aside from being a source of damage and healing, Shifting Winds mobility also allows for key body blocks and grabbing power-ups.
  • When using Karmic Justice, consider placing it on an ally that has a dash up so they can place the explosion near as many enemies as possible.

Coming up against Su-Ren:

  • The color of her Staff tells you who she can dash to. Green mean she has to dash to an ally, purple means she has to dash to an enemy.
  • When dashing Su-Ren will always end up within two squares of her target, try to use traps or ground effects to punish her.
  • She requires vision of her target in order to dash at them, stay in camo to avoid being targeted.
  • When Su-Ren has max energy, she is likely to shield a low health ally. Switch up targets when she is likely to shield an ally to diminish the effectiveness.