Discord Integration!

Discord Integration!
Teamwork at the speed of sound!

You can now easily enjoy nearly effortless voice communication using our Discord integration!

When the timer is ticking down, you’ve got mere seconds to formulate the plan that swings the match in your favor. Typing is effective, but time consuming. Pings are clear and concise, but lack the detail you may need. A quick shotcall can be the difference between snagging the victory or letting the game slip by even 1 hp – #ThanksWill.

We’ve teamed up with Discord to give the players a voice. It’s easy to join, and is completely optional. Below we’ll walk you through connecting with your team.

Step 1: Download the desktop version of Discord and register. Make sure the client is running.

Step 2: Choose to either auto-connect or not.

Step 3: Play! You and your teammates that have chosen to be in a team Discord voice chat will be creating deep strategies and employing top-notch tactics in no time!

There are a couple commands that you can use in the chat to help control your Discord experience:

/discord help – Brings up the list below.
/discord join – Connects you with your current team/group lobby.
/discord leave – Disconnects you from your current team/group lobby.
/discord autojoin on – Enables the Auto-Join feature – connects you whenever a team/group is available.
/discord autojoin off – Disables the Auto-Join feature.
/discord check – Checks to see if the desktop Discord is running and the user is logged in.

Whenever you join, whether it’s auto-join or manual using “/discord join”, a temporary Discord lobby will be created. This can be done before you ready up while in a group. After finding a match it will disband the group lobby and put you into a temporary team lobby for the duration. At the end of the match, when you head back to the Play screen, it will disband the team lobby and place you back into the group lobby.

All you really need to know is that we’ve got you covered. So start up Discord, hop in a game, and enjoy the vocal teamwork on your way to victory!

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– The Atlas Reactor Team

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