Atlas Reactor Reviews Are Pouring In!

Atlas Reactor Reviews Are Pouring In!
Gaming Press has LOTS to say about Atlas Reactor!

We watched eagerly for reports to come back from press outlets. We looked forward to all the different perspectives on the game, and the press did not disappoint! They like us – they REALLY like us!

Check out the full stories in these links:

Redbull – “Atlas Reactor is Competitive XCOM and Then Some”
“Their newest title is a blend of concepts that hasn’t quite been done before; a simultaneous turn, team-based tactics game with MOBA elements sounds, by its definition, like a game off the beaten path in terms of design. But don’t let genre conventions fool you. Atlas Reactor has everything it takes to turn heads in the competitive space.” – “A Brave New Multiplayer Experience”
“Once Atlas Reactor clicks for you, I promise you’ll be hooked. It hits the sweet spot in match length, has loads of replay value, and scratches the competitive itch. More than that, its community seems bright and helpful, the gameplay itself doesn’t require 200 APM skills, and you’ll succeed with quick thinking and careful tactics more than pitch-perfect aiming.”

San Jose Mercury News – “Atlas Reactor is the Online XCom Game You’ve Always Wanted”
“The result is an intriguing blend that gives players the best of both worlds. It’s a strategy game with chess-like elements but faster-paced and dynamic. The key to “Atlas Reactor” lies in how the team executes each attack.”

MassivelyOP – “Who Should Step Into This Eclectic PvP Arena?”
Trion has done a fantastic job, and I would certainly recommend this game to anyone who likes innovative games that aren’t afraid to step outside the status quo.
It’s surprisingly well made, it’s genuinely fun, and it’s inarguably different from standard gaming fare.” – “A Diverse MOBA With A Tactical Spin”
“Atlas Reactor is a game that I appreciate for its diverse cast and refreshingly short match times. While I do think more depth could be added via creative map design, I’ve had an overall positive experience with it and am eager to see how it evolves.”

MMOGames – “Atlas Reactor Review”
“In Atlas Reactor, you can never be exactly sure what your opponent is going to do. Maybe he’s going to finish off your low-health ally with a blast attack. You can attempt to intercept that attack with a dash, but maybe they anticipate that and plan to perform a dash attack of their own. These types of mind games often don’t exist in typical turn-based strategy games because you have complete control on your turn, but in Atlas Reactor everyone plays at the same time.” – “Atlas Reactor”
“Altas Reactor is a sci-fi themed 3D turn-based strategy game that offers a unique twist to the typical tactics game. Players utilize a revolutionary four-phase turn system to plan out their attacks and take out opposing teams in instanced close quarter battle arenas. Atlas Reactor offers a refreshingly unique art style and gameplay concept.” – “Atlas Reactor Review”
“It’s a title in which eight people make their moves simultaneously. If someone told me before playing that such a thing could be smooth, precise, and easy-to-learn, I wouldn’t have believed it. Yet just minutes after completing AR‘s brief tutorial, I was holding my own in 4v4 matches, never once feeling that the game was getting away from me.” – Review – “Atlas Reactor”
“There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than watching someone dash into your predicted line and just knowing that at the end of that turn there would be a new point on the board for your team. The journey of changes that Atlas Reactor has been through has only shown good results and this makes me very excited for the future of this game.” – “Brains Over Brawn”
“In a time where people often complain about originality and with the same games being shoved in our faces year after year, Trion has brought a new experience to the table with Atlas Reactor. A game simple enough to entertain casual players as well offering enormous depth, making it perfectly suited for a competitive setting. It is even a blast to watch the game while it is being played by others.”

If you haven’t locked in for fast-paced fun yet, what are you waiting for?

Get in NOW!

– The Atlas Reactor Team

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