Atlas Reactor Is Live: The Reaction Has Begun!

Atlas Reactor Is Live: The Reaction Has Begun!
Ready up Lancers – Atlas Reactor is live!

We are thrilled to welcome you into the world of Atlas Reactor. You’ll be rewarded for solid team tactics, deep strategy, and quick thinking. This fast-paced, turn-based, arena brawler takes the best of what you know and combines it with innovative mechanics, for a truly unique PvP experience. We welcome back veteran lancers and new recruits who will forge their own legacy!

Today is launch day – the culmination of a lot of hard work, fantastic feedback, great games, and whiffed taunts – but we’re not stopping here. We’re not even slowing down! We’ve got a ton of new features and cosmetics lined up, to provide an incredible experience from here on out. To celebrate this momentous milestone, you can pick up Atlas Reactor for 10% off for the next week! We’re discounting all 3 of the new launch packs for this limited time, so don’t miss out.

Our Executive Producer, Peter Ju – more commonly known as “pju” – is incredibly proud of this game, this team, and this community. Read on for his thoughts!

Producer’s Letter:

It takes a lot to start a project, it takes more to keep a project moving forward, and, in the end, the last push to launch a game is always the hardest. So I am truly grateful and proud of all the hard work and sacrifice our team has put into the last big push to launch Atlas Reactor.

Atlas Reactor’s core game-play is different than anything else out there. In the beginning, we wondered if we were crazy for liking our prototype as much as we did. Then Trion employees from other teams starting playing and falling in love with the game, so we started wondering if our studio was crazy too. Then came Closed Alpha, Closed Beta, and Open Beta, and at each step we found more and more people who enjoyed the game.

I believe we have finally reached the point where we know we aren’t crazy. People “get” Atlas Reactor. It’s time to share it with the world!

We launched today, and we have no intention of slowing down! We will be releasing new stuff at a very rapid pace. For launch, we are introducing our new map, “The Omni Core,” a new Freelancer, “Juno“, and a new way to express yourself in game with Overcons. You’ll also be able to race each other for World First accomplishments.

Our Halloween event arrives October 18, which will introduce a bunch of new cosmetics and a new Freelancer. Next, we will start our Ranked Season… then another Freelancer… then a new game mode… another map… a bunch more Skins … then another Freelancer … Trust Wars … then another Freelancer … Then our Holiday Season Event… We have a ton of stuff on our road map through the end of this year and beyond. New features will continue rolling out too, like better stat tracking (Damage dodged will be coming!), individual Freelancer stat tracking (How much lifetime damage have you blocked with Rampart’s shield?), replays with rewind and fast forward capabilities, plus a lot more.

I have been playing this game after work every day for the past year and a half (the few days I missed were due to travelling to spread the word about the game). I am truly lucky to work on a game that I love playing. The reason I still love Atlas Reactor is because of the quality of work produced by the Atlas Reactor team, and all the great players that have made such an amazing community for Atlas Reactor. So thank you all for being with us from the very beginning and helping to create such a great community!

We look forward to playing with all of you on this next step of our amazing journey together, and in the months and years to come!

Like Rask, Atlas Reactor “CANNOT BE STOPPED!

– Peter Ju (pju)
Executive Producer, avid Rask player, and purveyor of #PJuBombs

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