Headstart Is Here!

Headstart Is Here!
Time to play!

Welcome back lancers! Headstart is open until we launch, October 4th. Any players that own Atlas Reactor can participate in Headstart. So jump in, level up, and get familiar with our latest freelancer, Juno, before we release the game to the public again. You’ll be starting (almost) fresh and we’ll be watching to see the first 5 players to reach level 20 with each freelancer, the first 5 players to hit 1000 PvP wins, and the first 5 players to reach season level 500! Headstart is the perfect chance to get a leg up.

If you’re a Free Mode user and can’t to wait until launch to play, pick up the discounted $20 Founder pack now and jump into Headstart! You’ll have until October 3rd to become a Founder – the new launch packs will replace the Founder packs on October 4th. Don’t miss out on these value-stuffed bundles!

Good luck lancers!

– The Atlas Reactor Team

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