Revised Player Progression

Revised Player Progression

As it stands, there are a lot of different rewards in Atlas Reactor, attached to a lot of different progression systems. Account, freelancer, and season levels, daily contracts and chapter content, crafting, the Trust War — there’s a lot to earn!

After a ton of games and mountain of feedback from you, a couple of things have become clear: First, all that complexity makes things difficult to understand in a way that doesn’t add fun. Second, Atlas Reactor is a B2P game, but having such a comprehensive store of cosmetic goods doesn’t make it feel that way.

So thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we are making some exciting improvements to player progression in Atlas Reactor.


The items currently in the store will now be obtainable through gameplay! The Store section of the UI will be replaced with the Collection, where you can track progress across your account and freelancers. Credits will also be going away (more on that below).

The Collection


We received a lot of feedback that the way we were giving out loot in Atlas Reactor still felt “free to play.” We hear you! As a result, the following changes are intended to make progression feel more rewarding and more fun to interact with.

We’re simplifying Loot Matrices in a big way.
There will be one primary Loot Matrix, which you receive each time you gain a season level. A Loot Matrix now contains 3 items, which can be anything currently in the game (except promotional items.), including the premium skins that used to be in the store!

Any time you’d like more Loot Matrices than you earn naturally, you can buy them directly.

Inside the Loot Matrix

You can use ISO to unlock items in the Collection directly. As of this coming patch, ISO will be obtainable only from Loot Matrices. Duplicate items received from a Loot Matrix will automatically convert to ISO. Playing matches and completing contracts will award experience now, which will allow you to earn Loot Matrices faster.

Freelancer Levels are now infinite, and the rewards have been changed. You will receive 5 mod tokens at lancer levels 5, 10, 15, and 20. At levels 5, 10, and every 10 levels thereafter, you will be given a Freelancer-specific Loot Matrix, which will drop an item associated with that Freelancer. In effect, it’s a targeted version of the primary Loot Matrix.

Expert and Master style pre-requisites still exist on some of the skins you can receive from a Loot Matrix. You can equip expert skins after achieving Freelancer Level 10, and Master Skins at Freelancer Level 20.

We are removing crafting and the inventory. Items will be collected/recycled automatically. Crafting was fun, but added a significant amount of unnecessary complexity at this point in the game’s development.

Account Levels have been removed. Players will now have immediate access to the Season. Some of you might have concerns about onboarding, and this will be addressed in future patches.


Spend your ISO and crafting materials ASAP. Once Revised Progression goes live, all crafting materials and banked ISO will be lost, but anything bought or crafted already won’t be.

We’re removing credits from the game. If you currently have credits, they will be honored and converted into the new ISO at an equivalent rate so that you can still unlock what you want directly. This is also what will happen after the final wipe before launch, when credits would be reset (+10% from the Level 1 Community Reward).

Once the Revised Player Progression goes live, the bonus from the Level 1 Community Reward will behave differently – after the final wipe, players will receive a number of Loot Matrices equal to the number they purchased, +10% (rounded up).


Now you can play the game, and earn skins, taunts, emojis, vfx, and more just by playing! And hey, if there’s something you really want and luck doesn’t drop it in your lap, you can use your ISO to unlock it directly.

Revised Player Progression goes live on August 9, and will accompany the introduction of Free Mode.

As always, we’re listening for your feedback. Please join us to discuss the coming changes on the forums!
~The Atlas Reactor Team