Atlas Reactor Closed Beta is Here!

Atlas Reactor Closed Beta is Here!
Time sure flies when you’re working on new features. We can’t believe it’s already time for Closed Beta! Grab a Founder’s Pack to grant you instant access to the Closed Beta event!

It’s been a crazy month. We came off of Alpha with a lot of new ideas and a huge checklist of things we want to achieve. The team worked really hard to hit as many of those as possible. We’ll continue creating great features and implementing them to assure a full and enjoyable experience!


  • Seasons
    Seasons is a brand new account progression system, complete with inventory, crafting, and rewards. It’s a way for players to get a glimpse into the world of Atlas, while completing challenges and earning sweet loot along the way. For more detailed information on the Atlas Reactor Seasons system check this out.

  • Basic Spectator Mode (v1)
    Lots of people requested Spectator Mode, so we’ve been working on the first stage of that and it will be available for custom games shortly after Closed Beta starts. It’s not a full-fledged spectator experience yet, but we’ll be improving upon that as we go. We’re excited to see great content made with this and are happy to be supporting the competitive scene!

  • New Freelancers
    We recently revealed Elle, The Enforcer, and now you’ll get to use her on the field! We’re excited to see players enjoy her unique skill set. If she doesn’t suit your playstyle, try out Oz, The Trickster for a different kind of strong positional strategy!

  • Emoticons
    We’ve added a whole suite of custom Atlas Reactor emoticons to better express yourself in Atlas Reactor chat. Did your dash just narrowly avoid massive damage? Use :cool: to tell your enemies you never had a worry. Did PuP just appear out of nowhere to chomp your life away? Use :wow: to show your enemies how impressed you are with their great play!

    Aurora SurprisedGarrison SmileGrey CoolPup SadZuki SillyHelio CryLockwood LaughNix QuietQuark WinkRask Angry

  • Beta Store
    Go get your favorite freelancers, GG boosts, credit packs, and unique skins in our new store!

  • Control and Clarity Improvements
    Based on your feedback during our Alpha, we’ve tweaked our basic controls, improved decision mode clarity, and made a couple changes that will highlight gameplay moments better (like takedowns, multi-kills, etc). Through your feedback we’ll continue to implement improvements to make Atlas Reactor better than ever!

  • VFX Swaps
    You’ll be able to customize your favorite Freelancers with alternate VFX. This is a rare, but awesome reward available through Seasons. Now you can take customization one step further and dazzle your enemies with these new VFX swaps!

There’s a lot of new stuff to look forward to in Closed Beta, and we’ll be revealing and implementing more as we go, so come check it out. Play some games with us. Invite your friends. Tell us what you think. We can’t wait to see you in game!

Check out the FAQ here.

– The Atlas Reactor Team

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