How to Play Atlas Reactor: Simultaneous Turns

How to Play Atlas Reactor: Simultaneous Turns

One of the biggest questions players have about our game is: what does “simultaneous turns” actually mean? Today, we’re giving players an in-depth look at our unique game mechanics with a brand new video, and a new, behind-the-scenes feature with Polygon.

Team Tactics. Simultaneous Turns.
In every turn, players choose their actions during “Decision Mode” and watch their actions resolve on screen during “Resolution Mode.”

Anatomy of a Turn
During Decision Mode, players will choose between four different types of actions: Prep, Dash, Blast, and Move. These actions are prioritized in that order and play out during their respective phases in Resolution Mode.

  • Prep
    Moves like buffs, traps, and shields are considered Prep. These are prioritized first.
  • Dash
    To reposition prior to the Blast phase, you can use a dash type move to dodge damage or charge enemies. Choosing to Dash means that you skip your Move phase for the turn.
  • Blast
    Basic damaging attacks, like shots and knockbacks, occur during the Blast Phase. These play out after Prep and Dash moves.
  • Move
    If players decide to take Prep or Blast actions, they also have the option of choosing where to Move after the turn. This is the final phase of Resolution Mode, where players left standing after the previous three phases will reposition for the next turn.

These are just the basics of Atlas Reactor! Sign up for our Alpha today and try the game out for yourself.